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We take great pride in delivering world-class service to all of our customers. Read what some of our satisfied campers, counselors, and parents have said about us!

The years I spent attending Northwoods Adverture Summer Camp were some of the best memories in my life. I went to NWA summer camp for four years in a row and I can still remember every single memory that I spent with the counselors, other campers, Connie and Papa Jim. Everybody there were so kind and supportive. Though I didn’t know most people for the first couple of days, we had meetings to get to know the other campers, and I was able to quickly make a lot of new friends. All the 4th graders to 9th graders attending camp were from many different countries and they all had different and unique personalities. We all got along really well and enjoyed playing basketball, soccer, volleyball, and all kinds of outdoor sports and activities. Because I attended NWA camp, I now play volleyball and basketball on my high school teams. Not only did I have fun, I have also learned a lot of life lessons. I think the experiences that I have learned at NWA summer camp are very valuable to have and no one can ever take them away from me

Meg Simms, Estero High School, Bonita Springs, FL

Northwoods Adventure started out as a great way for kids living in some of the world's largest cities to get away from it all and to discover the joys of backwoods trails and pristine lakes.  To me this was a no brainer for my own two children who began attending the camps at an early age.  Each summer the activities continued to grow in number and I could see how much my own children enjoyed the archery, the jeeping, the games, the campfires, the nature walks, the boating activities, and on and on.  It became a magical time for Andy and Jenny and when they were eventually asked to be counselors and help assist the camp staff, we were so happy and they were totally excited.  My wife Tomoko and I would like to recommend Northwoods Adventure to any young person.  There are great opportunities for personal growth  beyond just the fun aspect of camp life.  And, of course, it really comes down to friendships that they take away from the experience that makes for lifelong memories. We would like to give Northwoods Adventure a thumbs-up, five star recommendation!!!!

Marsh and Tomoko Warfield

The Northwoods Adventure Summer Camp Program gave my children an opportunity to learn about themselves that can't be taught in a classroom. Having them far from home was a little scary at first but I soon realized they were learning what it takes to make good decisions and how to manage responsibilities they will need later in life, for example, taking care of their personal belongings and learning the diplomacy needed for group living. I liked that my children made international friends. Their relationships grew from being strangers to ones that shared lots of laughs and good times. The counselors at Northwoods Adventure really put their all into camp life for the kids. They have an outstanding safety record because the well-being of the kids is their number one priority. The counselors also bring a lot of creativity to the camp experience, offering a wide variety of activities that extend camper's competency on various levels. The water, the stars, the trees, the campfires and all the fun people came together to make lasting memories for my children and for this I am forever grateful.

Mary Anderson

When I asked my children what they like about Northwoods Adventure, they replied, "we don't like NWA...WE LOVE IT!!  My three kids love NWA in different ways.  My son who has been there for four years enjoys all the sporting activities and competitions like basketball games, running relays, frisbee golfing, canoeing and just being outside enjoying the summer. He has made friends that he looks forward to seeing again the next year. When asked at school where his favorite place was, he wrote that it was a place called tent city (at camp). The campers get to set up a camp across the lake, not too far from the base camp, that they canoe to. The kids make it a home away from home.

My daughter loves the nature that is surrounding her. She catches frogs and toads, and loves to cast out her fishing pole in hopes of providing dinner for the campers. The friends and international relationships are what my daughter has really enjoyed about NWA. The friends that she has made over the past couple of years is much of the reason that brings her back every year. The counselors that are at NWA are like family to her :o). My youngest son loves hanging out with all the kids and can be found right in the middle of it all or alone finding solace in the nature surrounding him. The activities that can be experienced with new friends are endless.

The counselors at NWA bring amazing diversity to the program. They work together seamlessly from one event to the next, yet bring many different viewpoints that combine to form a symphony.

We will be coming back for many years to come. The fun is never-ending and the life experiences are second to none!

Suzie Jager, mother of Alex-9, Abby-7, Ashton-5

Northwoods Adventure has probably been the single greatest experience of my life for so many reasons. It was a chance for me to escape reality and go to a place where I got to experience things I didn't even know were possible. I started as a camper six years ago and my last summer I was the Head Counselor. I believe I was 13 my first summer. I loved every minute of the games we played, every time I got to jump into the lake, every second I was in a jeep riding through the woods, and everything else camp had to offer, but the most important things to me were the relationships I formed with my peers. It was really an amazing experience to grow so close to so many people in such a short time.

Joe Leonard, Chemical Engineer, Devon Energy Corporation

I had a lot of wonderful memories in my 2 years of attending Northwoods Adventure Summer Camp. I made lots of new friends, played tons of fun sports, swam in Erickson lake, and learned many lessons of about life. The 2010 and 2011 summer NWA summer camps were the best memories of my life. Last year, I got to know many new kids from other schools and enjoyed spending time with my friends that I made from 2 years ago. It made me so happy to make new friends and reunite with my old friends. I still have all the pictures I took at summer camp and every time I see them, I feel like I want to go to NWA camp again. There isn’t “ME” if I didn’t attend this camp!

Sara Simms, Gr. 7, Bonita Springs, FL

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